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Teacher's Resources

The Trail of Faith in cooperation with professional educators in this region have developed materials and resources for educators to use while teaching these ideas and concepts of the Waldensians. We tell the story of the Waldensians because they settled our small town of Valdese in May of 1893. Their story is parallel to the story of millions of immigrants who left their homeland in search of freedoms and a better life for their family.


These resources compliment field trips to the Trail of Faith. They are designed to support the NC Common Core State Standards and the NC Essential Standards. These resources will be provided to all teachers who book a tour (guided or unguided)  with The Trail of Faith.


The Trail would like to say a special "thank you" to these educators who gave of their own time and efforts to make the following resources available to all.

  • Abby Powell, Teacher, Ray Childers Elementary, Burke County Schools, NC

  • Lauren Kerley, Teacher, Ray Childers Elementary, Burke County Schools, NC

  • Renee Collins, Secondary Education Director, Rutherford County Schools, NC

  • Sylvia Medford, Retired Teacher and Librarian, Burke County Schools, NC



Timeline for the settlement of Valdese, NC

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