About us

The Trail of Faith is a non-profit 501(C)3 developed to preserve and proclaim the rich history of the Waldensians of northwestern Italy. We do so because a group of 29 Waldensians arrived by train to 10,000 acres of vacant land in May of 1893 and settled this town known as Valdese, NC. This history is portrayed through a series of 15 buildings and monuments recreated on the Trail that mark major milestones of their journey beginning with the world's oldest protestant college built in the 12th century. Those touring will view an educational video and experience a guided or self-guided tour through the Trail.

Board of Directors

Jim Jacumin,  President & Treasurer

Marty Jacumin,  Vice President

Lee Opp,  Secretary

Pat Ross,  Board of Directors

Jackie Refour Anderson,  Board of Directors


Office Staff

Sheryl Tron, Office Manager