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Experience the Journey!


It was a journey of faith as the Waldensians endured their venture from the Alpine Valleys of Italy to America. Relive their experience on a tour of the Waldensian Trail of Faith, which brings their struggles to life, commemorates their sacrifices and celebrates their triumphs. Peer into the cave where the Waldensians worshipped in secret. Gaze upon the mountainside to the ancient ‘seminary’ where they translated the first full Bible into French. See their homes and the community oven where they baked bread. These are but a few of the monuments and buildings that portray this incredible story. Known as “people of the book,” the Waldensians were embedded in the scriptures – they lived by it and died for it. They were tortured, exiled, and martyred, and still the faith that drove them from the Alpine Valleys of Italy to the foothills of North Carolina survived. The Trail of Faith is their story. Each exhibit bares witness to the journey that led them from the time of the apostles, one continent to another, in search of religious freedom and a future for their families.

Give us a day, we’ll give you a millennium!


2024 Scheduling Information

 OPEN Tuesday thru Saturday during the months of March through December, 

For "Drop In" self-guided tours arrive no later than 3:00 pm. 

If you would like a GUIDED tour, 

Please Call: 828-874-1893 We require a week notice.

We are CLOSED during the months of Jan. & Feb. but GUIDED tours with groups of 10 or more can be arranged during these months (weather permitting) by calling the number above or you may email us at: 


Teacher's Resources

The Trail of Faith in cooperation with professional educators in this region have developed materials and resources for educators to use while teaching these ideas and concepts of the Waldensians. We tell the story of the Waldensians because they settled our small town of Valdese in May of 1893. Their story is parallel to the story of millions of immigrants who left their homeland in search of freedoms and a better life for their family.


The Trail of Faith hosts 2 events throughout the year that were meaningful celebrations for the Waldensian communities. Their faithfulness to Christ was the reason for the sufferings and persecutions they lived under for hundreds of years. In this same light, we transform the cave exhibit into a backdrop for a wonderful live drama of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ on Easter morning. 

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